Mobile Websites for Car Dealers

FACT: The difference between Adaptive Website Technology (AWT) and traditional mobile versions is quite important, and dealers who have the benefit of AWT from Higher Turnover are sure to see much better results than dealers who use other providers with non-AWT mobile sites.

Adaptive Mobile Websites

With the ever-increasing use of smartphones like the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry, as well as non-traditional devices like tablets (iPad, Kindle, and others), it's important that you cater to the needs of all website visitors, and this goes beyond what you probably think you know.

Higher Turnover now offers mobile websites for dealers with all of our packages, but "mobile" is a pretty broad term. These days, there are many ways to present your website content to users with mobile devices. Some of the terms you may have heard include "Adaptive Website Technology", "Responsive Website Design", "Mobile Sites", or just plain "Mobile Version". Whether or not you know what it means yet, Higher Turnover uses the best method to display dealer websites on mobile devices: Adaptive Website Technology.

So What Exactly is "Adaptive Website Technology"?

According to Brian Pasch, CEO of Pasch Consulting Group, "The future of automotive website platforms will be the implementation of Adaptive Website Technology (AWT) also known as Responsive Website Design". Most providers offer separate mobile versions of their dealer sites. Often you'll notice when you go to the mobile version of a website, the normal site address (e.g. "") is simply changed to something like "" or "". This indicates a completely separate website for mobile devices. You usually will not have to maintain it separately, however it is actually a completely separate site used strictly for mobile devices. Wouldn't it be great if the mobile version didn't have to be on a separate website? That's exactly where AWT comes in.

Imagine one of your customers sharing your vehicle on their Facebook page to show their friends the car they're thinking about buying. Now imagine when that friend clicks the link from their iPhone and ends up on your website homepage instead of the page for the vehicle they thought they were clicking on. Do you expect them to go searching for the car their friend shared? Unfortunately for you, the majority of these users end up leaving your website altogether. "This is what is happening on most automotive social media posts read by mobile consumers" says Brian Pasch, but not with Higher Turnover Websites. Because Higher Turnover uses Adaptive websites instead of separate mobile versions, client statistics indicate that significantly more visitors stay on the dealer's website when compared to sites developed by other providers who fail to use AWT.

Benefits of Adaptive Website Technology vs. Traditional Mobile Websites

  • Not a "watered-down" website - Give visitors access to everything a traditional user has access to
  • Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - It's not a different site as far as search engines are concerned, therefore you won't be penalized for duplicate content and your site will actually show up when someone searches from their mobile device
  • No need to maintain a second site - Everything is already there, it's just displayed better for mobile users
  • Proper link redirection for mobile users - They go to the page they expected, not just your homepage

There are many benefits to having an Adaptive site over a separate mobile version, the biggest benefit being higher conversion ratios. Contact us today to see how working with Higher Turnover can literally mean thousands of extra dollars in your pocket when compared to choosing one of our competitors.