Web Design for Classic Car Dealers

Website design is what we do, and classic cars are what we love. Don't believe us? Our company president has collected and bought/sold classic cars for many years. The photo at right is his father circa 1975. With a Shelby Mustang in the driveway, it's safe to say classic cars have been in his blood for many years. We've worked with some of the largest and best classic car dealerships in the world. If you're in the industry, you're probably familiar with the television show Chasing Classic Cars and Wayne Carini of F40 Motorsports. Whether you've got your own TV show and keep 150 classics or are a private collector with 5 cars who sells an occasional classic, we're the preferred website provider for classic car dealers worldwide.

Shelby Mustang

Features for Classic Car Dealers

  • Up to 50 photos per vehicle - Especially important in the specialty/classic industry since many buyers are willing to buy a car sight unseen
  • Additional Categorizing - With so many variations on older vehicles, things like fuel injection or air conditioning are important to note. Our system allows classic car listings to be categorized on an even more detailed level than their late-model counterparts.
  • Integration with Autotrader Classics, Hemmings, and Others - Keeping inventory straight is hard enough in one location, let alone trying to keep everything in sync across multiple websites like Hemmings, Autotrader Classics, Autabuy, or others. Our system is completely integrated with these 3rd party classified providers so you manage vehicles in one system and everything is updated automatically on the other sites. Less time managing means more time selling.

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