Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealership Websites

If you're a Buy Here Pay Here dealer, let's face it, you market to a different demographic. Someone may have encountered unexpected medical expenses, bankruptcy, divorce, or a number of other reasons they've turned to BHPH dealers. Whatever the reason, they're shopping for a vehicle based on payment amount, and that's how successful BHPH dealers market to them. With our BHPH websites you have the advantage of listing inventory by down payment and weekly, biweekly, or monthly payments instead of a cash price. These BHPH sites we create have a large focus on the pre-approval application to generate quality leads, and things like our payment calculator can be removed so customers don't start thinking about the interest rate they think they should get.

Even if you're a BHPH dealership, you'll undoubtedly have people who want to pay cash for your vehicles. We give you the best of both worlds when it comes to pricing/marketing. You can advertise a vehicle on your own site for a weekly price, and you can also set your cash price so when we distribute your inventory to 3rd party classified sites, it attracts cash customers on those sites with the cash price you set for that vehicle.

Things to Consider for BHPH Websites

  • BHPH customers still expect you to have a website, even if you're not a "traditional" dealer.
  • Don't put all your eggs in the BHPH basket. We will give you additional exposure, with cash pricing for the same vehicles, on 3rd party classified sites that will ultimately make you more money by marketing to a different population at the same time.
  • Your customers are more interested in payments, not so much about vehicle/price. For this reason it's important to promote vehicles by payment info rather than retail price.
  • With a higher number of repossessions than a traditional dealer, you don't want to enter the same vehicle and photos every time it gets repossessed. Set vehicles to inactive and leave them in inventory, then if you have to repo a unit, just click a button and it's back on your website.

Myth: BHPH car shoppers don't use the internet, even to find their dealer/car
Truth: How many of your BHPH customers come in to your store with a cell phone that has internet?

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