Web Design Specifically for the Auto Industry

Car Dealers or Salespeople who are new to advertising online often make a critical mistake the first time around when it comes to their website. Because some companies offer very inexpensive websites or because a web designer knows how to "build a website", dealers will sometimes go that route, even though the person/company doesn't even specialize in auto dealer websites.

Why Choose Higher Turnover?

We provide websites specifically for the auto industry. It's in your best interest to work with a company that really knows your industry. Would you want a professional chef working on your cars, or would you want someone who specializes in auto repair? There's a lot to know when it comes to auto industry sites, therefore it's important to work with a company who knows the ins and outs of what you do every day. Our company president has worked for Autotrader.com and Trader Publishing in the past, as well as selling cars for years.

Who We Build Websites For:

  • Independent Used Car Dealer Websites - Specifically for smaller dealers
  • New Car Dealer Websites - Sites for new car stores with both new and used inventory
  • Car Salesman Websites - Sites for individual salespeople to market themselves, rather than relying on just the dealership website to generate their leads
  • Buy Here Pay Here Dealer Websites - Built with a focus on vehicle payments and generating credit applications, rather than retail prices
  • Classic Car Dealer Websites - Sites designed specifically for classic car dealers, where more photos are essential
  • Auto Finance Websites - Micro sites which can be used either as a standalone site for a finance company or as a supplement to the dealer's regular website to target bad-credit customers.
  • Dealer Associations - We work with several NIADA state-level associations and offer this as a free service to all states. Contact us if you're an Executive Director of a state IADA and would like info about our association website program.

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