Auto Dealer Website Reseller Program

While our Affiliate program is the right choice for some, our Reseller program is a little more involved but the payoff is greater. To summarize, you would be the customer of Higher Turnover, so you would be the one paying for our services, however we would be providing these to you at discounted ("wholesale") rates which you would in turn mark up and charge your customers, keeping the residual profits. You would be responsible for billing and tier 1 support with the end-users, but of course we provide tier 2 support whenever an issue/question can’t be resolved/answered on your own.

The reseller program has two levels. Your discount for services would depend on the volume of end-users you maintain with us. A person or company classified as a Level 1 Reseller would receive a certain wholesale rate, while someone who maintains a higher number of end-users would be classified as a Level 2 Reseller and receive a different wholesale rate (with a larger discount). The only requirement to become a reseller is to begin with a minimum of ten separate dealerships. If you have less than ten to start, we recommend beginning with our Affiliate Program to get started, then convert to a Reseller once you've acquired your first ten dealer accounts.

Unless they bring a large number of clients to us from the beginning, most of our resellers begin as a Level 1 reseller, and once they reach a certain number of clients, they automatically become a Level 2 reseller, where they earn a higher percentage of profits.

Please note that we are currently not accepting new reseller partners.
If you would like to be put on the waiting list, please click here
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