About Higher Turnover Car Dealer Websites

Unlike most businesses who were started simply to make money, our company was started at the request of independent car dealers who were limited in their website options. We wanted to provide used car dealers with a powerful Internet option to help increase the sales.

How We Got Here:

While speaking with independent auto dealers on a daily basis, we've recognized a need for an easy-to-use system that empowers certain auto dealers (those with minimal computer experience who don't have the time to learn) to compete against the larger dealers who have the money to hire Internet Managers and Website Designers. As we continue to go the extra mile for anyone that needs it, we've teamed up to create Higher Turnover. Simply put, this creation is a combined effort intended to level the playing field between large and small dealers, with our focus on the latter and our dedication to make it work for you at any cost.

Our company president Robert Jacobson ("Jake") was working for Autotrader.com several years ago. He worked in a department that specialized in solutions for the small independent dealers who didn't have the money to spend on the same advertising packages the big dealers used, but it enabled them to compete with those dealers. A frequent question that many dealers asked Jake was "can you recommend a good website provider that I can afford?". There wasn't much out there at the time. Providers were either too expensive because they wanted money from the big dealers who could afford it, or they didn't offer the features that were actually needed by the smaller dealers. Jake wasn't satisfied not being able to help his clients, so he took it upon himself to create a solution.

Jake made a phone call to his childhood friend Ray who happened to be an accomplished software engineer. Together they developed a business plan to create Higher Turnover, and after development/testing, they launched our products to the first client in early 2005 (see our company launch press release). We've never lost focus on the objective to "keep things simple" for dealers that aren't necessarily experts with computers. To this day, our administration panel tools are the most user-friendly in the industry, and we have helped dealers become internet marketing experts when they literally could barely turn on a computer before working with us. We practice patience with our clients, and offer a much higher level of service than what our competitors are willing to offer.

In 2009, Jake had a slightly different vision for Higher Turnover and Ray was becoming more involved in projects outside of Higher Turnover, so it made the most sense for Jake to purchase Ray's portion of the company and give the clients the dedication they deserved. Years later, Ray contributes to Higher Turnover in a consulting role, while Jake continues to lead Higher Turnover and our dealer clients to new heights in online marketing. He has continued to improve our products and forged relationships with other companies that add value to our clients.

Where We Are Going:

Anywhere you as a dealer want us to go. We are continually developing new products. These products are born directly out of feedback we receive from our dealers. Our mission is to provide every dealer with every tool they need to sell the most vehicles with the least effort, and this is done with two simple principles: listening and adapting to individual needs. Too many companies out there are cookie-cutter type companies, offering the same things to every dealer. You may not have the same ideas for your business that your competition has for theirs. We do exactly what you want us to do, which may not be what other dealers want. We run our business like yours: keeping it as a smaller operation in order to offer the best individual service to the customers.