Website Statistics and Tracking Analytics

One of the biggest benefits of internet marketing is the ability to track user behavior. Higher Turnover uses the most robust statistical tracking system availabe.

Why Statistics Are Important

  • Provides an easy, in-depth analysis of website visitor activity.
  • Helps you see how visitors are finding your site.
  • Helps to identify where improvements can be made to your site content/structure.
  • Helps you determine what 3rd party sites provide your best return on investment (ROI) instead of simply "hoping for the best"
Analytics Tracking Graph

With our statistics included in every package we offer, you'll not only see how many visits or pageviews your site receives over time, but also how those visitors are navigating through your site. Are they finding your site through searches for vehicle service, or are they clicking over from a 3rd party classified site? How much time do they spend on the site, or even on each page? What keywords are they using to find you in the search engines, or even what browsers are they using when they visit your site? All of this information is available at your fingertips, and you can even schedule automated reports to be emailed straight to your inbox if you'd like.