Online Advertising for Car Dealers and Salespeople

Online advertising is by far the most cost-effective way for car dealers to advertise. Some are misinformed and think online advertising is a replacement for more traditional media, but it's actually best to use it in a complimentary role. While Higher Turnover does have experience in traditional media and can offer suggestions on how to incorporate it into an overall marketing program, our specialty is in online marketing. We offer a free Internet Marketing Guide for dealers who would like to learn some best practices.

Product Offerings

Over the years we have developed several online advertising products to help car dealers sell more vehicles. These products include Custom Web Design, our Inventory Management System, Lead Management System, Online Marketing, and our Ad Generator and eBay Listing Tools. An advantage of working with a company like Higher Turnover is that we are constantly evolving and improving our products.

Web Design for car dealers is the most basic necessity for marketing vehicles online. Trying to run a dealership without a website is like trying to survive on a desert island without fresh water. (More About Web Design)

Our own Inventory Management System for car dealers is where you will add, modify, and delete vehicles. You will also be able to keep statistics on your vehicles. (More About Inventory Management)

The Lead Management System enables you to track your prospects. You're able to see what vehicles someone has been looking at, print their credit applications, and see which lead sources are providing you the best return on investment for your advertising dollars. (More About Lead Management)

Online marketing for car dealers can be a time-consuming and tricky game. With your Higher Turnover auto dealer website you never have to worry about it. We provide a range of services including SEO, SEM, and copywriting. (More About Marketing Vehicles)

Ad Posting Tools - As an auto dealer, generating leads from 3rd party sites no longer has to be complicated or take a lot of time. Our Posting Tools make your vehicles stand out, and getting them listed is as easy as clicking a button. (More About Ad Posting Tools)

eBay Listings - Our eBay Motors Listing Tool makes your vehicles stand out, and getting them listed is as easy as clicking a button. Why spend time listing inventory when you can be spending time selling it? (More About eBay Motors Tools)