Marketing Vehicles Online

Online marketing can be intimidating to some, especially if they've never done it. Some dealers may think they just need to get a website up and the sales will come in. This is surely a good start, if the right website provider is used, but there is much more to marketing vehicles than that. Things like inventory distribution to 3rd party classified sites, proper Search Engine Optimization, and driving traffic back to the dealer website from sites like eBay with our Ad Posting Tool are important as well.

Our real-time inventory management system for car dealers allows you to instantly upload vehicles to your website and have them immediately viewable by visitors. This is done from anywhere, in a quick process that everyone can handle. If you use third-party inventory solutions such as Frazer or Dealer Specialties, your vehicles can be sent to your site automatically so it's always up to date.

Marketing Sales Funnel

The Higher Turnover Inventory System is compatible with the most popular online auto classified websites including and The inventory on your website can be automatically sent to sites that you choose on a nightly basis. This makes it simple to promote your vehicles on the highest visibility websites you choose with no extra work. Each vehicle can have up to 50 pictures associated with it. According to recent research, a vehicle for sale online will generate twice as much response when it has a photo. Multiple photos generate 7 times that response. Multiple photos help to eliminate tire kickers. They show your vehicles from multiple angles and generate higher quality foot traffic to your dealership. The customers walking through your door will be more educated and generally further along in the buying process when they get to you. Our goal is not only to bring you more ups, but to produce quality leads that convert to buyers, and a large part of this process is sending your inventory out to thousands of 3rd party classifieds for the most exposure.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also an important part of online marketing. In addition to customers who find you through 3rd party classifieds, many will also find you by searching on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any of the other search engines which are used. Higher Turnover builds our client sites with proper SEO from the ground up. Independent studies have consistently ranked our SEO services higher than most of our competitors, but unlike the other website development companies, this is included at no additional cost.

Additional marketing tools like our Ad Posting Tool are also a very effective way to drive traffic to your own website and generate more leads. We make it easy for you, so you can spend your time selling instead of listing.

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