DMS and Website Integration

Many dealerships use Dealer Management Software (DMS) to manage inventory, track deals, etc. This isn't a necessity, but for those dealers who do use one of these systems, rest assured that your inventory on your Higher Turnover created website will always be up to date from our inventory imports. You will never have to manually add a vehicle in more than one program. You're already putting vehicle inventory in your DMS system, so we simply set up a feed so every single day your entire inventory on your website reflects exactly what's in your DMS. We can even import your photos from your DMS, and we work with hundreds of DMS providers already.

Common DMS Systems We Work With

  • Frazer
  • DealerTrack
  • ADP
  • AutoMate
  • Wayne Reaves
  • Finance Express
  • Reynolds
  • Genesys Systems
  • And hundreds more...

Even if you're not using a DMS, you may be using a vendor for something else where they're able to send us your inventory to automatically update your website. Typically these are photography services, classified sites, or even a secondary website provider.

Other Inventory Sources We Work With

  • Dealer Specialties
  • HomeNet
  • Auto Uplink USA
  • VIN Solutions
  • Cobalt
  • And hundreds more...

Most companies are willing to share your vehicle data with Higher Turnover, as long as they have your approval. For a small handful of other companies, they only share your data with a select few companies, and in these rare cases we can still obtain your data. These cases require a separate DMS Polling feature as an add-on to your website package.