Switching Providers for your Dealership Website

"It's very refreshing working with you after dealing with [competitor name removed] over the last few years. Keep up the good work."
Mitch, Independent Ohio Dealer

A large portion of our business comes from dealers who were unhappy with their old website provider, so naturally we get a lot of questions about what's involved in leaving one provider to work with Higher Turnover. There are several things to consider when changing providers, and below are answers to the most common questions we hear from dealers who want to switch website providers.

Keeping Your Domain Name (Website Address)

If you already have a domain name, it's usually best to have your new site hosted on the same domain name. This is for several reasons, but most importantly to maintain your existing search engine rankings instead of building them up from scratch. Even if you have poor search engine rankings, it's still usually better to build and improve them with a domain that was already in use. Some dealers would rather start with a new domain name. This is fine, although it may take a little more time to build it up in the rankings than it would otherwise. Domain transfers are very easy, therefore most clients coming to Higher Turnover from another provider simply transfer the domain from their old provider to us.

Preserving Search Engine Rankings

Keeping your old domain name is one way to help preserve search engine rankings, however when changing providers there are a lot of changes behind the scenes too. What this means is that your new provider should be aware that there is a right way to change websites and a wrong way. Higher Turnover will make sure that your change is seamless not only for you, but also for the search engines which should be a huge portion of your website traffic. Most other companies don't take the time to do these things, and most dealers don't know enough about websites to know any better. Bottom line: make sure your new provider handles the switch properly, otherwise you'll see a dropoff in search engine traffic.

Learning a New Inventory System

Many dealers get used to an inventory management system with their old provider and worry about switching to a different provider where they'll need to learn a completely new, complex inventory system. Higher Turnover has the industry's easiest to use system. Training takes minutes instead of days or weeks, because our system has been built from the ground up with one thing in mind: "car dealers typically aren't computer experts". We've intentionally kept things simple so anyone can use it, and we're always available for help in the event you need help with something.

Keeping Your Website Design

While in most cases we recommend design changes based on what we see work for our clients, sometimes a dealer may really like their existing design and want to keep it. For any dealer who chooses to do so, we're able to give your Higher Turnover website a look and feel which is as close to your old design as you wish, or as different as you wish.

Keeping Your Emails

Sometimes we're asked by clients if they can keep their old email addresses and/or messages from their old provider. This is fairly common, and yes, you'll be able to keep your emails when you switch to Higher Turnover.

Migrating Inventory to a New Site

Sometimes switching website providers is a daunting task because you've spent a lot of time entering inventory into one system, and you don't want to have to enter everything all over again in a new system. Higher Turnover is able to, in many cases, move your vehicles from your old site to your new site at no additional cost. Ask your Higher Turnover rep for details.

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