Dealership Website Provider with the Best Customer Service

Many website providers sell car dealers on their products and then forget about them until their sales team calls the dealer to renew services. Higher Turnover is not one of these companies. In fact, we don't even require a long-term contract, because that forces us to earn your business every single month. What that means to you is that you receive the best support in the industry, because we want to make sure you're always taken care of, not just once a year.

Highest-Rated Customer Support:

  • #1 Phone Support - 7 days/week, 365 days/year
  • #1 Email support
  • #1 Trouble Ticket System - Accessible 24/7 within your admin area
  • Instant Messenger/Live Chat
  • Live Screen Sharing - Our reps can connect directly to your computer to fix any issue in real-time

Recommendation on Selecting a Website Provider

Most dealers learn the hard way that just because a website provider has a flashy website, that doesn't mean they're necessarily a good company. We receive several calls each week from prospective clients who are dissatisfied with their current provider's support. Once these companies start working with Higher Turnover, they quickly learn that there's a reason our support is rated #1 by dealers. What may have taken days or weeks with their old provider is often handled in minutes or at least the same day with us. Let Higher Turnover show you what the Best Customer Support is all about, because after all, you'd rather be selling cars instead of wasting time on the phone with a support rep, right?